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I don't know -.-

Xander , Eli , Soohyun and Kibum. I love them

Hello . I don't know what i want to write . grrr ~ ahh ! Just now , K-Pop Blogger chaotic with SHINee's manager . You know why ? of course its about SHINee's manager hit Shawol's head . Its annoying -.- Taemin's shock face when the manager hit the girl's head , Jonghyun and Key feel guilty , Minho shock with his mouth opened \lol/ and Onew's macho face xD . Yes , maybe you say their manager is cruel .. i think so .. but the fans is wrong too .. she touched SHINee's member -.- that's why the manager hit her .. i'm gonna crazy .. bye bye ! SORRY FOR MY BROKEN ENGLISH !
Tomorrow , i will sent back my textbook and then receive year 6 book :O