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Lee Jinki a.k.a Onew ♥

Saya edit sendiri :D Ada logo dinoana tu . Tak lawa kan ?

\Assalamualaikum and Annyeong/ Annyeonghaseyo semua SHAWOL ! Korang mesti tahu hari ni birthday siapa kan ? Yeah ! Of course Lee Jinki the leader of SHINee .

Wah , oppa now you already 23 years old :3 Can I say something for him ?
Annyeonghaseyo Onew oppa. Naneun Ana imnida. I wish a happy birthday to you :] Stay healty and always happy sight of your family. I also wish to remind you to be a good leader. I hope SHINee always worked hard for all SHAWOL. For the next comeback , I haope SHINee will do the best. SHINee fighting !
Sorry for my broken english :\ I wanna give you SHINee's picture ! Please don't stare my husband , Kim Jonghyun and Yoon's husband , Lee Jinki XD

SM Family ^^

SHINee :]

and the last one ..

Hahaha , kamsahamnida :] I wanna sleep now ! maybe you read this entry in morning right ? Grrrr , and sorry if the entry is short !

Once a Shawol , Forever a Shawol ♥