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Happy Birthday !!!

Annyeong ! Naughty Hyukjae huh !! Guess who's birthday todauy ;D Did't get it ? Ahh , its Najun's birthday ! My 'madu' ;D The gif is her bias !! Hyukjae and Minho . Lol Hyukjae , wae so naughty ? Hahaha . 
Najun-sshi ! Saengil Chukahmnida ! Happy birthday . Today is your old day :P Najun already be a grandma ;B Hewhewhew jkjk . Najun ;B Divorce minho now ;B jkjk . Today is your birthday right ? >< Aaaaaaaaa next week is my birthda ;B I'm not happy because I wanna be 11 yrs old forever ;B I'm cute you know ? You biyutipul you know ? Yoon handsome you know ? Firah pretty you know ? Sarah sweet you know ? Do you know all of your 'madu' ? I know you don't know . lol
k that all . Full of my aegyo there XD Well I'm the queen of aegyo ! I'm the maknae in SHINee's wife list ;P btw I have a song for you ;B

Cute right ? :B For you ~ Heeeee . Before you here this song , please pause the song that make trouble in my blog XD