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20 Facts About Me

I miss this moment.

Assalamualaikum ! Ana nak share 20 facts tentang diri ana ~(*u*)~
  1. Born on 28 February 2000
  2. Marrie with SHINee on 28 February 2010 /ignore this
  3. Married with Seo Joo Hyun on 1st February 2012 /ignore this 
  4. Loves K-pop since the end of 2008
  5. Easy to bad mood
  6. Don't like Math and Science
  7. Loves Yoogeun so much 
  8. Likes to fangirling
  9. Likes to spam
  10. Likes to take a selca
  11. Black and Turquoise / Sky blue is my favorite colour
  12. Forever want Nikon D3000
  13. Also engaged with Yoo Youngjae of B.A.P
  14. My hobby is dancing , singing and edit picture / make a poster
  15. I want to be a photographer and doctor /I need to choose one/
  16. There are opportunities to get 'A' in Science
  17. Has a brother name Yoon Doojoon
  18. Don't like who spam about SHINee except my 'madu' and my 'LWT' family
  19. Got 6A 1B 1C in UPKK 
  20. I like my eyes so much !
Hahaha so ? I'm done right ? Hihi .. Hmm .. Wanna make a poster and then watch Running Man *u*
English broken ..