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Effexueee is back !

This is cool ! Electric Shock !

Who's excited ?! Huyeahhhh f(x) ! E-e-e-electrick Shock ! Best lagu dia :D No rap . Amber nyanyi ! Best ! Victoria unnie neomu yeppo ! Nickhun should proud now ! HAHA Sulli and Krystal damn really cute ! Luna and Amber seriously hot and yeppo ! Keke *forgetting SHINee for awhile* xD Woahhhh ! Can't wait this Thursday ! Their comeback :D
Electric Shock Album ;
- Electric Shock
- Love Hate
- Zig Zag
-Beautiful Stranger
-Let's try
Wow .. the title ;-; Can I make it as poster title ? :3 HAHA Seriously like it >< Weh korang -.- math aku dah pandai sikit :D tadi cikgu bagi latihan , cepat je aku buat :3 banyak betul pula tu ! HAHAHAAHHAAHA okay good bye ! I just want to tell you about Effexueee xD