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Happy Birthday Lee Taemin !

SHINEE WORLD ! Who's birthday is today ? /drum rolls/ Lee Taemin !!!!!!! Ohyeahhhhhhhh ! Taemin T_T Seriously ? Okayyy ,
Taemin oppa T_T babytaem T_T maknae T_T Now , you're 20 yrs old ! I can't believe it T_T When SHINee's debut day , you just 15 yrs old T_T oh gosh gosh gosh . Now you get more line ^u^ that's mean you have a powerful vocal like Jonghyun appa ! 'Appa' ? HAHA Key omma + Jonghyun appa = Son Taemin ! So , happy birthday ! Be healthy ^^ Forever cute , handsome , innocent ! Don't be naughty and dorky like Jonghyun appa ^^ I hope we'll meet one day ! ^^
Next ! Thanks to everyone who trend for Taemin oppa's birthday ! In the worldwide trend ! Me so proud ^o^ Hihihihihi ! #HappyTwenTae ^^

Omg -.- I want to spam Taemin's facts and gif !

#1) A girl shouted “Lee Taemin pabo!” when he was going to school. Taemin thought it was cute.

#2) Taemin often studies and does homework in the waiting room.

#3) If there’s one thing that he can do forever, Taemin would like to go diving. He really likes dolphins, so he’d like to be in the water.

#4) Taemin likes it when he finds out the other members’ secrets.

#5) Taemin’s favorite flower is the white rose, beside the sunflower.

#6) Taemin’s teacher once told him that he wasn’t a bright student, but he is hardworking.

#7) If Taemin doesn’t eat rice, no matter how much he consumes, he would feel like he didn’t eat at all.

#8) Taemin now likes to excercise at the gym thanks to Minho and Jonghyun.

#9) Taemin also said that Key is the member who acts like a spoiled child the most.

#10) Taemin is addicted to J-Pop.

#11) Taemin thinks he’s a very positive person, but also a little greedy.

#12) When Taemin was asked to compare himself to an animal, he chose a dolphin.

About the gif .. I don;t want to share T_T byebye !