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Yeoboseyo .

Assalamualaikum .

Giant maknae . LOL saya tahu love tu untuk saya kan ? k 

You know what , I'm excited today ! Because Himchan performed Rain Sound with BAP T.T Although he didn't perform One Shot . Its okay XD I miss him :< I miss Jonghyun too :< Jonghyun , update your twitter with your selca please ? :< I want to know your condition !

Uhm . I don't know what to talk . Homework ? Gahh too many >< and , I was going crazy because of Math =_= Gosh . Damn hard . I hate Math ! Okay lets talk about others . 

Jyeahhh , I dont wanna talk about Himchan's incident at the airport -.- I want to talk about HyungJoe . LOL whats that ? Its Hyungsik and Ljoe .

lol-ling so har xD The tall prince and the short prince . Hyungsik has so many interactions with others idol these days ^^ He selca-ed with Key and Woohyun and Ljoe ~ Gahhh but ....... I want Youngjae - Hyungsik please ? LOL Heechul is not there , so my mood is Hyungsik right now ^^ sorry Jung Heechul :P Kyaaa . I hope I will see SHINee - ZE:A - BAP interactions one day ! :D 
Long update for today ? keke