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Assalamualaikum .

Oh my gukkie ~ Thats why I ship YoungUp . Freaking cute ! Dumb and Dumbers =_='

Okay . I want to talk about #500DaysWithBAP ! You na what ? I almost forgot about it cause Im watching Killing Camp with BAP for the forth time :D Heee 

{credit to the owner ^^;}

Wow ! I cant believe that you guys already debuted for 500 days . Its just like you guys already debuted for 5 years . You made so many comeback ;) 
From Warrior to One Shot
Yeah , since you guys will make a japanese debut /I hate it though/ , congrats ^^ Im waiting for it ;) Can't wait to listen your first japanese song ! Keke . Promise me , dont make so much Japan Tour T^T dont make me stress as SHINee T^T I hate it . Anyway , congratulations !
Bang Yongguk ! Kim Himchan ! Jung Daehyun ! Yoo Youngjae ! Moon Jongup ! Choi Junhong ! Best Absolute Perfect ! 
Sincerely  ,
Ana the cutest Babyz . {Disgusting LOL}