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Vietnam .

Assalamualaikum .

Aww . What a perfect face , Roy Kim . /he's mine lol/

Okay hi . I just back from Vietnam yesterday . Its a nice trip ~ !

Day 1

Well , went to the airport . When we arrived in Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam , we got on a bus and went for dinner and went to the hotel . and then sleep . LOL

Day 2

For day 2 , we woke up at 5.30 a.m . Omg dont you think it was too early ? and then we breakfast at the hotel . We waited for the bus . When the bus arrived , we went to ....... ah I forgot the place's name ! yeay I don't know since Im sleeping that time . But that place , they showed how the soldier used to defend them self. Okay , then we went for our lunch ! At the halal restaurant of course :D Its delicious , seriously ! okay after that , we returned to our hotel back . /it took so much time =_=/ At the evening , we went to the water puppet show . OMG it just AWESOME ! they're very creative huh . okay done watched that , we went for dinner . Early you know . Then we went for shopping :D Gahh :D Then , i forgot . 

Day 3

As usual , 5.30 a.m woke up . We went to Mekong (?) we crossed the river used boat . We visited the coconut place , bee farm and went for shopping . I bought a bag . Then we took a sampan to cross the river haha . we went to the boat again . and shopping at the Mekong place . My mom and I bought t-shirt for my familehhh . LOL and then , I think we went for shopping at others place /I forgot OTL/ at night , we shopping at Bhentan /how to spell it =_=/ market and the night market.

Day 4

Free time :D So my mother and her friends went to the market /Bhentan/ . We shopping for telekung , jubah or whatever . and we went to the airport . :D 
English broken , but yeah who cares