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How adorable you boy. Sobseu stop making me screaming because of you !

Hello everyone , how's life ? doing good ? 

Today was school day ~ ugh saturday ~ about six people didn't come . Eyyy including Ayu. I don't think I talked too much today. Just had a conversation about blog with Khalidah, Asilah and Elly. Thanks. At least , I don't feel lonely ...

And ... today I was hurt by someone's words . Aww thanks. Saying something while glancing at me. I'm not that stupid. I could heard what are you talking about , bij. Ah ~~~~

If Ayu was there , I would told everything to her. 

Back from school , open my baby tab , and saw Jimin's cute face. So yeah , I smiled :D 

If Asilah , Khalidah , Elly , Ummu and Fatin weren't there , I might rest by myself. It was very awkward though ^^' its okay. Ah today is hard or maybe not ? Bye ~
SPEED in Mongolia ~~~ Sejoon's all black outfit OwO
Why the hell I'm speaking english so suddenly?