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Oh my god. Kim Yukwon , don't do that seriously. Do that to your girlfriend , Jun Sun Hye. /spazzing over U-Kwon/

Okay, I wanna talk about comeback.

October is the month of comeback. 
SHINee , Block B , MyName , T-Ara , IU , Nine Muses , 2Eyes
why ............... why ............... I have no money right now /sobbing/ currently my mood is 100% , Block B /dancing/ Yeah yeah , they're back ! My favourite hiphop group ! I'm very very gooooooooood ~ Zico looks handsome in blonde *o* there was a photo of Jisuk and Jiho together *o* ah I mean Taewoon and Zico.

/melting over Woo Brothers/ Jisuk has a babyface ! So cute ~

Anyway SHINee's comeback. "Everybody !" I wonder their concept for this comeback. In the highlight of the song , Everybody sounded like Why So Serious?. Fighting anyway. Taemin became a man. Ha. Wait ......... this mean Jinki will has a blonde hair for this comeback? OMG why I just realised it now ......... yeay yeay yeay i wish they will do the best ~~
monehhh monehhh come to me babehhh