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Oh. It's March already and I'm updating my blog.
Ha. I'm tired. Teachers give homework like there are nothing we need to do at home. Okay--- let's just change the topic.

February--- happiest month ever. Why? B.A.P got their 1st win! I want to update my blog that time but im lazy. He. And also BTS was nominated as 1st candidate on Inkigayo ((my english kinda messed here)). SPEED's comeback. OMG. They're so cute with this concept, uhm playful concept ((yeah something like that)) and park sejoon omg--------- he totally killed me with his sexiness lmao 

Ah, my biases took selca together ((ray and sejoon)) lol i never thought they're chingu well. I think Sejoon is friendly. He has so many idol friends like Ilhoon, Ray, Changbum, Ljoe, Subin and more. This boy is too cute. He said he wanted Minhyuk's role in The Heirs because his partner is Krystal.