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It's 2016! And my last update was on Feb 2015. So it has been 1 year then? 

I don't really nothing to update.

Really. Oh yeah, I got a good result for my PT3 /my maths is not good tho/

And I am 16 years old already! New year and new challenge for this year. Being a form 4 is really hard. Next year is SPM tho. 

4 Arif is a noisy class tho but at least I get to learn art bcs I took Art! Well, it's hard and I am stll learning.

And I fell in love with YGKplus models. They're so fcking adorable and talented especially Lee Sung Kyung! She sings so well. Well ok my fav male model is Jang Kiyong! 

but I think I like all models tho bcs they're so good looking and talented. LOL

Okay up till here. Bye.
Probably will update next year lmao